Monday, November 15, 2010

How To Expand As A Terran

When To Expand 

Many Starcraft 2 Terran players often face this issue,not knowing when to expand.It is almost a certainty a beginner will always wall himself in his main base and build up his forces,usually trying to get mass battlecruisers and other high tech mecha.This is not how you play the game.

Sure,big battles with massive armies are fun,but you want to be a smart player,and defeat your oponent thru map control and unit composition.

If you are walling off in your main base and setup the ultimate fortress you will always loose.Resources are limited in any mineral field or geisers ,so while you use your limited resources to turttle the entire game,your oponent is who is contantly expanding can defeat you only by throwing endless waves of units at you.

There are 2 things you must do to avoid such mistakes,one is always pressure your enemy,never give him the free will and sense of map controll.In starcraft 2 being the agressive player is important.

The second thing to keep in mind is economy ,its one of the vital components of the game.You should always keep your economy one step ahead of him.

If you are putting constant pressure on him and he is taking a defensive stance that is hard to break,you must match his economy .

How To Expand As A Terran

Now,if you are new to the game,chances are when you expand you are taking your SCV and order it to build your second Command Center right at the mineral field you want to expand to.

Do not do this.

The greatest strenght a terran player has against the other races is his mobility and versatility.

When your are expanding there is always the chance of atack on your scv and command center,but as a terran you can build your command center anywhere on the map and just fly it where you want to expand.

If you are expanding to your natural expansion ( the closest to your main) you always build an Orbital Command. A plentary fortress is usefull only in far expanses ,where its hard to reach it in time to stop an atack.

Keep in mind that you must defend your natural expansion as well. Don't commit all your resources in defending only your main ramp.Plant some siege tanks in your expansion aswell.


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