Monday, November 29, 2010

The Terran Ghost

The terran ghost in Stracraft 2 retains his support role from Starcraft 1.He packs a wide range of exotic abilities,wich can be devastating in the right hands.

Probably the most used (and the most fun) ability he has is the Tactical Nuke,able to incinerate an entire army with its great damage and range of effect.

The ghost is trained at the Baracks with a Tech Lab upgrade ,but before the unit is available you must build a Ghost Academy to train the unit,and also train Tactical Nukes.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Shokz Guide To Starcraft 2

You know,normally i would say to anyone that for a game like Starcraft you don't exactly need a guide,that you learn and get better at the game the more you play .

But the fact is that not everyone has the will and patience to go thru defeat after defeat,or to watch an endless amount of replays to learn some basic strategies and common counters.

Its like when you were in school,sure you would learn alot in classes ,but when  important exams came the guy with the private tutoring was always a step ahead.
So you can think of a starcraft 2 guide like a private tutoring course,and the teacher here of course would be Shokz,aka John Greenhoe.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Walling Off Your Main Base

What is a Terran Wall ?

A terran wall is a defensive build where the player builds structures at the entrance of his main base.This denies early scouting from his oponent,and most importantly early rushes.

The terran wall  is vital in every game,no matter the enemy race.The wall is especially crucial against zerg and protoss players.If a protos player can enter freely in your base early in the game,its ussualy game over.

His zelots will decimate your marines ,leaving you without any defense.Its even more crucial against a Zerg player,and here the speed at wich you wall off matters.

One of the most ways a Zerg wins early in the game is with the Zergling rush.Zerglings can run right into your mineral line ,bypasing any marine you might have and completely decimate your scv's.

The Terran Reaper

Against the Zerg 

Weak Against : Ultralisk, Baneling, Brood Lord, Roach

OK Against : Hydralisk

Strong Against : Zergling

Against the Protoss 

Weak Against : Colossus, Archon,Stalker

OK Against :  Dark Templar, High Templar, Sentry

Strong Against : Zealot,Probe 

Against the Terran

Weak Against : Banshee, Marauder, Siege Tank, Thor, Viking

OK Against : Ghost, Hellion, Marine

Strong Against : SCV 

The reaper is a new unit introduced by Blizzard in Starcraft 2 with the role of raiding.The strenght of the Reaper lies in his great mobility and harrasing power.Reapers are most used very early in the game against Terran and Protoss players.They can decimate an entire mineral line if microed and used properly and can bring an early win for the player.What makes the reaper a pain for your oponent is the ability to jump on and off cliffs,leading to surprise atacks behind a mineral line against an unprepared enemy.The downside of the reaper is that for all his speed and mobility he dies extremely fast,and must be always on the move to survive .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Terran Marauder

Against The Zerg
Weak Against : Brood Lord, Mutalisk, Hydralisk, Zergling

OK against :  Baneling 

Strong Against : Roach, Ultralisk
Against the Protoss 
Weak Against : Carrier, Mothership, Void Ray, Dark Templar, Immortal, Zealot 

OK Against : Colossus, High Templar, Sentry

Strong Against : Stalker 

Against the Terran
Weak Against : Banshee, Battlecruiser, Siege Tank

OK Against : Ghost, Hellion, Marine

Strong Against : Thor,Viking,Reaper 

The Marauder is a basic  armored infantry unit in the terran army .He is very strong in large numbers against structures and armored ground units.The downside of the marauder is that he can atack only ground units,leaving him vulnerable to air units. Terran players commonly use marrauders paired with marines (aka M&M bioball) or with marines and medivacs (aka  MMM)

Monday, November 15, 2010

How To Expand As A Terran

When To Expand 

Many Starcraft 2 Terran players often face this issue,not knowing when to expand.It is almost a certainty a beginner will always wall himself in his main base and build up his forces,usually trying to get mass battlecruisers and other high tech mecha.This is not how you play the game.

Sure,big battles with massive armies are fun,but you want to be a smart player,and defeat your oponent thru map control and unit composition.

The Terran Marine

Against The Zerg

Weak Against : Baneling ,Brood Lord,Ultralisk

Strong Against : Zergling 

OK Against : Hydralisk,Roach,Mutalisk

Against The Protoss

Weak Against : Colossus, High Templar, Archon, Zealot

Strong Against : Immortal,Phoenix,Void Ray

OK Against : Carrier Dark Templar, Mothership, Sentry, Stalker

Against The Terran 

Weak Against :  Hellion, Siege Tank

Strong Against :  Thor

OK Against : Banshee, Battlecruiser, Ghost, Marauder, Reaper,Viking

Marines are the basic combat unit for the Terran race.They are cheap,fast to produce and can atack both air and ground units.
A good Terran player will never use marines on their own as they get killed pretty fast.The best role for the marine is that of support.Squads of marines are always ideal in combination with other units especially hellions and marauders.