Sunday, November 21, 2010

Walling Off Your Main Base

What is a Terran Wall ?

A terran wall is a defensive build where the player builds structures at the entrance of his main base.This denies early scouting from his oponent,and most importantly early rushes.

The terran wall  is vital in every game,no matter the enemy race.The wall is especially crucial against zerg and protoss players.If a protos player can enter freely in your base early in the game,its ussualy game over.

His zelots will decimate your marines ,leaving you without any defense.Its even more crucial against a Zerg player,and here the speed at wich you wall off matters.

One of the most ways a Zerg wins early in the game is with the Zergling rush.Zerglings can run right into your mineral line ,bypasing any marine you might have and completely decimate your scv's.

How to build your wall

The wall is ussualy comprised of a Baracks and 2 supply depots on either side.These are the first buildings a terran builds,so this is the fastest way to wall off your main ramp.

The early terran wall

You don't necesarely have to go for 2 supply depots,you can replace one supply depot with a bunker filled with some marines,providing a stroonger defense.You can always raise and lower the other supply depot for your units to exit the main.

When you are getting rushed,you must stay focused ,and be aware that just because you blocked your main doesnt mean that the enemy will give up and run back home.While your buildings are atacked have one or two SCV's on repair duty .While the scv's are repairing your wall ,your marines can pick off the atacking units easily .


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