Monday, November 22, 2010

Shokz Guide To Starcraft 2

You know,normally i would say to anyone that for a game like Starcraft you don't exactly need a guide,that you learn and get better at the game the more you play .

But the fact is that not everyone has the will and patience to go thru defeat after defeat,or to watch an endless amount of replays to learn some basic strategies and common counters.

Its like when you were in school,sure you would learn alot in classes ,but when  important exams came the guy with the private tutoring was always a step ahead.
So you can think of a starcraft 2 guide like a private tutoring course,and the teacher here of course would be Shokz,aka John Greenhoe.

Now if you check your ladders you will most likely find Shokz in the Diamond League (the highest level of skill).The guy knows his starcraft 2 game.Another thing he is good at is making a intricate and complex game like Stracraft 2 seem simple.

Shokz guide is not exactly a traditinal guide,like a PDF or in a simillar form,his guide consists of an entire website built arround teaching Stracraft 2 to beginners and intermediates .When you purchase the "guide" you gain acces to the members area of his website,where you can find all the guides sorted in categories,let me give you a quick summary of what the members area looks like today,i say today because John is constantly evolving his website and adding content to his blog or guides every day.

The members area contains guide to anything starcraft 2 ,from the campaign walktrough on all difficulties and achievement guides to the robus multiplayer guides ,where the real action is.

Here is a quick look :

Pretty amazing compared to other commercial guides you can find on the web.Another great addition is that members and customers are always sharing their opinions and results in the comments for each guide done,often giving sugestions and posting results of their experience.

 Here is an overall structure of the website :
  • Terran Guides
  • Protoss Guides
  • Zerg Guides
  • Campaign Guides
  • Map Editor Guide
  • Team Match Guides
  • Member Video Section
  • Replay Section
  • General Multiplayer Guides 
    Closing Comments
    Now,this is a great guide,probably the most polished and content heavy amongst the available guides today,as beginner this guide is everything you can hope for and more.As an intermediate you will find great value in the replay and community videos,and in the more advance race strategies.

    But if you are playing in Gold,or Diamond,this guide is not for you.


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