Monday, November 29, 2010

The Terran Ghost

The terran ghost in Stracraft 2 retains his support role from Starcraft 1.He packs a wide range of exotic abilities,wich can be devastating in the right hands.

Probably the most used (and the most fun) ability he has is the Tactical Nuke,able to incinerate an entire army with its great damage and range of effect.

The ghost is trained at the Baracks with a Tech Lab upgrade ,but before the unit is available you must build a Ghost Academy to train the unit,and also train Tactical Nukes.

Ghost Upgrades And Abilities

  • Sniper Round : With this targeted ability the ghost deals 45 damage to organic units ignoring all armor.Great ability for taking out dangerous organics such as High Templars and Infestors.

  • Personnel Cloaking : This ability is gained from the Ghost Academy .It allows the ghost to become cloaked at the cost of energy.Great for scouting expansions and enemy bases .The skill works in tandem with his other abilities.It can also provide an escape mecanism for the fragile ghost.

  • Emp Round  : The targeted ability drains all shields,and energy from the area at wich it was fired.Devastating against Protoss units that rely heavily on shields and High Templars that rely on their energy.

  • Tactical Nuke : This the ability that the ghost is famous for.Used by players of all skill,the nuclear strike does 300 damage against units (+200 against structures),wich means instant death for many organic units in the game,such as marines,zealots ,and most of the Zerg units.To call down tactical nukes you must first arm your them at the ghost academy.This ability has a channeling time before it hits the target area,wich means its not that great for mobile armies. Be sure to wait for the right time before you cast it.

Using The Ghost Against The Zerg 

The ghost is a great choice against Zerg players due to his most devastating abilities against them : Tac Nuke and Sniper Rounds.

Sniper rounds can take out dangerous zerg units such as Banelings and Infestors before they can damage your army .The EMP rounds are great against infestors if you have a mech army.Often zerg players use infestors to mind control Thors or siege tanks ,the emp round from the ghost drains their energy,making them most of the time useless.His tactical nuke can stop most unsuspecting zerg players before they even atack you.

Using The Ghost Against The Protoss 

Here is where the ghost is in his prime,against protoss players.All protoss units have shields,so using EMP rounds against them is cruciall,leaving them basicaly naked to your army.EMP rounds are also great against High Templars to deny them Phisionic Storms that are devastating against Terran infantry.

Using The Ghost Against The Terran 

In Terran VS Terran matches the ghost isnt that usefull.In these kinds of matches you can use him to harass your oponent by nuking or sniping his mineral lines.You can also nuke a bioball army if he stacks them in one place and lacks dettection ,rare but it does happen.


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