Monday, November 15, 2010

Terran Build Orders

A build order in Starcraft 2 is the order in wich your build your units,buildings or research upgrades durring the course of the game.Usually build orders are numbered by the supply count at wich units,buildings or upgrades are being build.For example a "10 gate" is a Gateway built when the player has 10 probes.

The Standard Terran Opener

As soon as you have 10/11 workers,it is time to build a supply depot at your choke point(main ramp).While the worker builds your supply depot hotkey him to key "2". This worker will be your scout after it finishes the depot.

As soon as the depot finishes build a baracks next to it to furthure block your main ramp.After your baracks are completed,or at 13/19 supply,you will seal off your ramp by building another supply depot next to your Baracks.

This standard terran opener is helpfull against scouting early in the game.If your oponent won't try to scout you imediatelly then they will pull  the worker from the mineral lines for nothing, setting them back about a minute in terms of income.

At 15/19 supply you will build a marine from the baracks,ussually as soon as the baracks are done you will build your marine.
At 17/19 just as your 16th worker is finished (the marine will take 2 supply) you must upgrade your Command Center  into an Orbital Command.

Durring the upgrade of your Command Center build your first Refinery (17/19 supply).
As your refinery is being done ,build another supply depot  (17/19 supply).
You can beggin building your second baracks  at 17/19 supply.

Fast Banshee Build Against Protoss Players

At 9/11 supply build your your supply depot.As soon as your depot is finished build a Baracks at your ramp (11/11).
Build your first refinery at 13/19 with 3 SCV's gathering as soon as its done.
At 14/19 supply your should upgrade your Command Center into Orbital Command .
Drop down your second refinery as soon as you have 15/19 supply .
While your second refinery is being built train a few marines to defend your base,behind your ramp.
After your second refinery is done your must build your factory,ussually at 16/19 supply.
As soon as your factory is done,start building two starports,after the starports are done,use the tech labs from your factory and baracks to beggin building banshees.

The 11 Starport Banshee Rush

Start building a a refinery at 9/11 supply
Follow with a baracks at 10/11 supply at your ramp
Block of your entrance using a factory with a tech lab atached next to your baracks (11/11)
At 11/11 supply upgrade to Orbital Command and use the MULE as soon as its finished.
Build your  Starport after you use your MULE (11/11 supply)
Build a supply depot to expand on your supply.(11/11)

As soon as your Starport is finished swap it out with your Factory to use the tech lab there and start rolling out banshees .

Anti-Reaper Rush Order

This build order is usefull against early reaper rushing oponents .As a terran your best defense against reapers are Marauders so you need to get them out as soon as posible.
Start building your Baracks  at 9/11 supply .As soon as your Baracks are done build your first Refinery (9/11) and have 3 SCV's working it.
At 10/11 supply build a supply depot.
Start your Baracks's Tech Lab as soon as fast as possible.

Once your Tech Lab is done train your first Marauder and have him guard your mineral line,thats the first place the reapers will atack.Concussive Shells are always a good thing on your Marauders as they can stop any reaper kiting your oponent may try.

Fast Double Orbital Expand Against Protoss

This order is very risky because it sacrifices army or upgrades for a very fast macro advantage over your oponent.You will get the advantage of 2 orbitall commands but your progression into mid-late game is dependant on the Protoss player.

Start this build with a supply depot at 10/11 ,then with a Baracks at 12/19.You must have your first Orbitall Command at 16/19 supply cap.Build your second command center once you complete your first Orbitall Command(18/19).
Calldown a supply drop after you place your second Command Center.
At 19/19 supply start building 2 Refineries.

If you try this build you must observe your oponent as much as posible to adapt and counter accordingly.Use your 2 Orbitall scans to watch his army size and composition and plan accordingly.


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